At T-Roy's we offer private music lessons as well as a unique selection of guitars, amps, and accessories.


Private Music Instruction

Don't settle for less, our Private lessons are The best


From Led Zeppelin to Ludwig Van Beethoven, Merle Haggard to Chris Tomlin we cover all musical genres with one on one, precise music instruction, where the student is the only focus!

One on One

Private, one on one instruction is the best and most efficient way to learn. Our students don't get ignored, forgot, or otherwise go unnoticed in a classroom setting. Instead, they are taught in a one on one setting where they receive the full attention of our instructors.


At $125, our private lessons are priced so that everyone has access to our great lesson program. We also offer a cash discount of $15.

Beginner to Advanced

Whether you are just beginning your musical journey, you're a songwriter looking for a few new tricks, or a veteran player in need of some professional guidance, our instructors will help you achieve your goals.


Playing your instrument is fun and practicing should be no different.We break down the techniques you need to learn into simple exercises that can be applied to the songs you want to learn. 


Our lessons are customized to enhance your playing and we focus on what you are interested in learning. Any genre, any style, any song.

Nothing is assumed with our approach, everything is explained. You will learn the exact motions and methods to perform more efficiently, learn more quickly, and understand concepts and techniques more easily. This is why our students learn faster and have greater success.

 Learn with songs YOU love, not pre-selected songs or unexplained exercises.

Guitars, Amps, and Accessories

Beginner to Boutique

We have done our best to personally select our guitars and amplifiers based on their quality and the reputations of their makers, our focus is on smaller, boutique and high-end gear. We also understand the need for more affordable options and because of that, we do carry a small number of entry level guitars and amps that are perfect for those on a budget or anyone just getting started.



Our guitar selection is growing everyday, if you don't see what you're looking for please call us to let us know.

  • Diamond Guitars
  • Zakk Wylde Guitars
  • Schecter Guitars
  • CMG Custom Shop Guitars
  • Seagull Guitars
  • Art & Lutherie Guitars
  • Washburn Guitar
  • Oscar Schmidt Guitars


We feature two of the best in modern amplification; Devil Cat Amps are hand made right here in the U.S.A. and feature high performance at an affordable price. Orange Amps are a rock 'n' roll staple, from Black Sabbath in the 70's to My Chemical Romance today. 

  • Devil Cat Amplification
  • Orange Amps


We are your one stop shop for all your everyday needs, guitar, bass, drum, orchestra and band accessories.

Orchestra and Band

Our Orchestra and Band program is convenient, easy, and reliable. We have worked with orchestra and band directors in our area since 2003.


Bring your instruments to someone you know and trust.


Our shop is a full service center for all your repairs as well as instrument set-ups.

Guitars  - Woodwinds - Brass - Sting


  • Guitars - Restring & Clean
  • Guitars - Full Setup
  • Guitars - Frets & Fretboard Cleaning
  • Guitars - Inputs, Pots, and Pickup Installation
  • Brass - Minor Adjustments to Complete Overhauls
  • Brass - Chem Cleans
  • Woodwinds - Minor Adjustments to Complete Overhauls

Troy Wilburn & T-Roy's Music


T-Roy's Music & Lesson Academy is a one stop shop for private one-on-one guitar lessons, piano lessons, and drum lessons in Deer Park TX. 

We also carry a hand picked selection of boutique guitars and amps from Heritage Guitars, Diamond Guitars, Wylde Audio (Zakk Wylde Guitars), CMG Custom Shop Guitars, Schector Custom Guitars, Devil Cat Amps, and Orange Amps.